New Workshops for Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities

The New American Baccalaureate Project is ready to co-create with your college or university a series of two-day workshops to increase enrollment, build community partnerships, enhance diversity, and align your first-year and second-year curricula with the evolving needs of 21st century learners.

By “co-create” we mean that your institution will work with us to prepare for each workshop by exploring with your campus community the issue at hand, identifying the most promising opportunities and persistent challenges you face in enhancing the growth and academic excellence of your institution.  This will result in a workshop that gives participants a strong connection to your mission and future goals.

Further, we leave you with a working team from your campus community, to achieve the goals and plans we develop in the workshop. We offer the team consulting support for two months after the workshop so that they can take flight and succeed.

What makes NAB Workshops Unique:

  • We are committed to our mission to advance liberal education to new populations
  • We work exclusively with colleges and universities that champion diversity, democracy, social justice, and community enhancement
  • We are flexible and responsive to the particular needs of your institution
  • We plan with you beforehand and confer with you beyond the Workshop itself
  • We take the best ideas and practices and make them mutually reinforcing
  • As a non-profit, we keep costs low and encourage maximum college involvement

What you get:

  • 2+ day intensive training with faculty, staff, and executive leadership
  • A plan to increase recruitment, retention, and graduation rates, while better serving underserved student populations.
  • A campus working group to launch new initiatives, programing, and work, supported by NAB consultants.

Our current workshops include:

Developing Continuous Enrollment Streams through Partnerships with Local and Regional High Schools
Early intervention, mentoring, engaging students with unrealized college potential

The College as Locus of Community Empowerment: Developing Dynamic Partnerships with Local and Regional Enterprises and Civic Agencies
Becoming a “Village Commons” institution

Re-Designing “Gen Ed” as a Foundation for Higher Learning, Civic Engagement, and Career Success
Collaborative, Student-Centered, Outcome-Based, and Affordable Curricula Programming

 Creating an Affordable, Personalized, Freshman/Sophomore Seminar Series for All Students
Coordinating Existing and New Teaching Resources who are Passionate about Working Together

Colleges as Spaces for Democracy to Grow in a Divided Nation
Creating a Generation of Students Committed to Fostering Democratic Communities, Locally and Globally

Community College and Liberal Arts Colleges: More than a Transfer of Credits
Creating a Dynamic, Early Liberal Arts Identity among CC Students; Increasing their College Readiness


We are ready to tailor these to your institutional goals, combining themes and including topics that are especially attuned to your situation.

Contact us for more information

Rob Fried, NAB executive director, at, or call (603) 203-5812
A typical workshop process begins with an individual or small team working with us to assess the current situation, gather relevant data, interview representatives from the campus community and beyond, and create a list of desired participants.