What is the current landscape of higher education in the United States, and in particular Illinois? How pervasive is the corporatization of higher education? How should public universities transform in the coming years? Given the scale of issues that face public higher education, how much change can come from attempts at the state and federal level of governance? What kind of advocacy, organizing, and reform ought people in and concerned for higher education in the US be focusing on today?

Today we explore these questions with Randall Auxier, a specialist in the history, philosophy, policy and practice of higher education. He is a Professor of Philosophy and Communication at SIUC, and a long time union organizer at that institution. Currently he is running as the Green Party Candidate for Illinois House of Representatives to represent District 115. We also discuss particular reforms and projects he plans for higher education as part of his candidacy.


*Articles mentioned in the podcast:

From the Old New Republic to a Great Community: Insights and Contradictions in John Dewey’s Public Pedagogy,” by James Anderson.

To Be Re-Bourne: Breathing New Life into the Prophetic Philosophy of Randolph Bourne,” by James Anderson.                                                                                                                                     

The State,” by Randolph Bourne.                                                                                                 

**Video about bringing a commuter train to Southern Illinois.