Welcome back to the NAB Podcast!

Our two part episode today is with our colleague and friend, NAB advisory board member Dr. Leonard Waks. He is an internationally renowned historian and philosopher of higher education, philosopher of technology, pragmatist, process philosopher, and Dewey scholar. In this two part interview, Dr. Waks shares with us a unique perspective on the paradigmatic changes that we are living through today and their implications for higher education.

In the first interview we survey the macro-transformations unleashed by the pandemic and what they mean for us as scholars, philosophers, teachers, and citizens.

In the second interview, we explore how these broader forces are shaping higher education, and what ameliorative opportunities are available for a revitalized higher learning system. In particular, we explore Dewey’s conception of schools as “social centers”, a focal point to serve and solve culture’s most pressing problems, as a template for what higher education can be in the years to come.