What do the results of the US election mean for the future of US higher education? Even beyond electoral politics, what does it suggest about the current status of “little d” democracy, as well as about our national institutions? In light of this situation, can US higher education survive in its current form?

On this special post-election episode, we have an open discussion with friend of the show Leonard Waks on these questions and more. Waks is an internationally renowned historian and philosopher of higher education, philosopher of technology, pragmatist, process philosopher, and Dewey scholar. He is also a member of the NAB Advisory Council.

*Click here for the interview with Noam Chomsky that James referenced on the show.
*Click here for the article by Glenn Greenwald that James mentioned.
*Click here for the David Graeber interview about anti-Semitism on Double Down News.
*Click here for the Inside Higher Ed article about the different responses fromJewish faculty at the University of Illinois to complaints of anti-Semitism on campus.
*Click here for the article by Sarah Lazare about ending the US-backed war on Yemen, which James drew from on the show.
*Click here for the article featuring the quote from the later singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen about democracy that James shared during the discussion.
*Click here for Angela Davis’s book on abolition democracy.
*Click here to follow a collection of PIC abolitionists at Northwestern University on Twitter, and click here to follow #nucommunitynotcops, the movement demanding NU divest from policing and invest in Black communities.