High Schools

The NAB Project can assist you in moving ahead to revitalize liberal education for today’s learners

We can:

  1. Build upon the strengths that students have gained by learning at home to increase their independent learning abilities;
  2. Work with faculty, staff, students, and parents about ways to engage academically under-motivated students in taking their learning seriously, enhancing their communication skills, and expanding their options beyond high school;
  3. Assist interested teachers and guidance people to hear what all students are saying about ways to make learning more relevant to their lives and dreams—and then apply those insights to classroom practice;
  4. Utilize our student-designed materials that help students increase their confidence and zest for learning;
  1. Assist you as a regional high school to create genuine and mutually-respectful partnerships with your local liberal arts college.

These actions respect the commitment and idealism of high school teachers, and the innate learning potential of all students, including those who are not currently working to their potential. We will endeavor to enlist college students and faculty to serve as mentors to high school students, as co-creators with high school faculty of partnership activities of mutual benefit.


Ready to start making changes for a resilient future? You can contact us here for a free 1 hour consultation to discuss ways we can serve you and your community.

Rob Fried, NAB executive director, at rfried@uvei.edu, or call (603) 203-5812