Foundations and Companies

Why Might Your Foundation or Company Wish to Join Those Supporting the New American Baccalaureate Project?

  • You know lots of capable non-traditional student who are unable to afford a college education or fear incurring a huge debt load, and you agree that new tuition models should be developed. We have a created an affordable pathway to college for these students.
  • You believe that many worthy but non-elite liberal arts colleges are in danger of closing their doors because of a steady drop in enrollment. We offer a strategy to help these colleges not only survive, but thrive.
  • You think the idea of “a liberal education” remains as valid as ever but may need serious re-thinking in today’s economic and political climate, and that there need be no conflict between acquiring new perspectives on the world and preparing for meaningful careers. We have a curriculum design that unites these goals.
  • You are ready to encourage colleges to reconsider how they teach and assess learning capabilities essential for careers and citizenship. We are experienced in creating and integrating performance-based degree programs.
  • You fear that unless we produce a new generation of young people eager for civic engagement and social justice, our democracy and our world are in jeopardy. We are building these ideals into our New American Baccalaureate.

If any or all of these points describes you, here are ways you can help:

  • Encourage a college of your choice to begin a conversation with the New American Baccalaureate Project leaders
  • Help college students train to mentor non-traditional high school learners
  • Help support a team of NAB college teachers as they create partnerships with high schools and collegial relationships with existing college faculty
  • Help leaders of substantive reform of liberal arts efforts conference together
  • Help NAB to reach out to additional imperiled colleges and non-traditional students in their region

Please contact Rob Fried, Executive Director of the New American Baccalaureate project to talk about how our work aligns with your philanthropic or foundation’s goals.
The New American Baccalaureate Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization