Enhance Student First-Year Programming to Build Community, Lessen Alienation, and Boost Retention

NAB can provide guidance and planning to:

  • Co-create or enhance existing college first-year programming to help non-traditional students experience cohort-based supportive, personalized learning communities that build confidence and trust.
  • Recruit and train recent grads, recommended by their professors, to participate in providing personalized support and/or instruction for these students.
  • Offer new first-year programing components that blend in essential "soft skills" and emphasize critical inquiry and authentic assessment.
  • Invite current faculty to serve as teachers, mentors, evaluators, or observers of these initiatives.

Enhanced First-Year Programming will:

  • Decrease isolation/alienation and increase retention by helping first generation students become part of a supportive and highly-motivated learning community.
  • Allow current faculty to experience higher levels of student engagement and active learning.
  • Provide a laboratory for 21stcentury liberal arts pedagogy.

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Rob Fried, NAB executive director, at rfried@uvei.edu, or call (603) 203-5812