Colleges and Universities

The NAB Project can assist you in moving ahead to revitalize liberal education for today’s learners

We can:

  1. Work with administrators, faculty, trustees, students, and other stakeholders to ascertain the risks, rewards, and readiness to engage in deeper conversations about the college’s future.
  2. Outline and explicate how new and existing revitalization ideas can dovetail to
    1. strengthen partnerships with regional high schools and increase regional enrollment;
    2. engage leading area businesses and organizations to align the liberal arts with essential career skills;
    3. enhance student self-motivation, academic responsiveness, sense of community, and creativity through a coordinated sequence of freshman/sophomore seminars that produce high levels of critical inquiry;
    4. attract new teaching talent to these seminars, while honoring faculty contracts and prerogatives;
    5. sequentially replace exams and grades with performance criteria;
    6. create a baccalaureate option that is affordable and attractive locally and beyond

These actions are contextualized to match each college’s appetite for change, existing strengths and budgetary and other constraints. Our initiatives are always co-created: each institution works with us to actuate strategies that increase the college’s appeal to students from area high schools and beyond. We collaborate with a team from the institution to overcome obstacles. We work with them in person and at a distance, over flexible timelines.

Ready to start making changes for a resilient future? You can contact us here for a free 1 hour consultation to discuss ways we can serve you and your community.