NAB Podcast: John Vervaeke on the Meaning Crises in Higher Education

How should we in higher education address the growing crises in our culture of a pervading loss of meaning, and sense of purpose and value in life? What role can revisiting wisdom traditions and current research on their practices play in helping us all live more authentic and less self-deceptive lives? These questions are all … Read More

Pedagogical Considerations in Light of Protest and a Pandemic

By James Anderson   Finishing work at the end of this last academic term resulted, for me, in two realizations. First, I fucked up (more on this later). Second, the existing higher education system, and the socioeconomic system within which it operates, is even more soul crushing and sick than I previously grasped. The realizations … Read More

NAB Podcast: Dylan Rodriguez on Contested Revolutionary Spaces in Higher Education

How has the legacy of state terror and racial genocide shaped higher education in the United States? Given our history, what opportunities exist to support revolutionary organizing work within institutions of higher learning? How do emergent disciplines committed to exploring social reproduction and terrains of struggle – such as Ethnic Studies (and its subfields), Critical … Read More

NAB Podcast: Tommy Curry on Black Male Studies and a Culpable Academy

The movement against the systematic racism and police violence that brutalizes black people (especially men) has catalyzed in the last few weeks in response to the murders of George Floyd (and Breonna Taylor). Many in the academy have heralded this as a moment to incite revolutionary change in our society. Yet all too often we … Read More

NAB Podcast: Henry Reichman on Academic Freedom

As protests spread across the US as a rebellion against police brutality, white supremacy, systematic racism, and fundamentally unjust systems, the freedom of persons of letters, teachers, scholars, students, staff, and other higher education professionals, is all the more essential in order to build toward systemic change in the United States. In order to address … Read More

NAB Podcast: Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson on Spirituality and Higher Learning in Hard Times

As we continue to struggle through these difficult, uncertain, and tragic times globally, it becomes difficult to find our spiritual/moral centers. In today’s episode, we talked with Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, a process philosopher, theologian, and higher education leader, on spirituality and higher education during the pandemic. We explore questions such as: What does pastoral/spiritual … Read More