NAB Podcast: Fannie Rushing on the Legacy of SNCC for Higher Education

What was it like to be involved in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) during the height of the civil rights movement? What was the philosophy of education for liberation advanced by SNCC at their first residential freedom school they launched in Chicago, and what lessons does it have for higher education today? How did … Read More

NAB Podcast: Kelly Hankin on Media Cultures of Study Abroad in Higher Education

What “gaze” does the US higher education study abroad industry want to cultivate amongst students?  How does the lack of diversity in US study abroad programs affect the narratives told about it, and diverse student experiences of it? What role should study abroad and/or other cross-cultural experiences play in a liberal arts education? Despite it … Read More

NAB Podcast: John Kaag on Personal, Vulnerable Philosophy and Higher Learning

What should be the role of philosophy as a shared, personal, and vulnerable endeavor in today’s higher education system? As part of the authentic learning experience, how open should philosophy teachers be with their undergraduate students about their personal lives and challenges? Is there room in professional philosophy for personal and vulnerable philosophical teaching and … Read More

NAB Podcast: Jake Alimahomed-Wilson and Ellen Reese on Amazon and Higher Education

What can be learned from ethnographic interviews of Amazon’s last mile delivery workers in the greater LA area about the current global economy? How can undergraduate student researchers participate in this kind of labor research? Can academic and student research build opportunities for labor organizing, and resist the precarity that dominates the economy because of … Read More

NAB Podcast: Tommy Curry on Revolution and Pessimism in Black Male Studies and its Role in Higher Education

Is Fred Hampton-style coalition building a useful praxis for contesting anti-Blackness today, or are efforts at building a “Rainbow Coalition” inappropriate or ineffective in the current historical conjuncture? Does emphasis on emancipatory efforts for black persons, and especially men, in social-political theory, sometimes undercut the need to come to terms with deeper, perhaps insurmountable anti-black … Read More

NAB Podcast: Emma Pettit on Higher Education Journalism

What is distinctive about higher education journalism? What can we learn from people driven narratives in journalism, including telling the stories of “departmental drama” in higher education? What are some of the challenges in covering higher education – especially with respect to the faculty beat? Are there any blind spots in what higher education reporters … Read More