Inaugural NAB Podcast: James Hall on Lessons from Innovative Higher Education

Welcome to the Inaugural NAB Podcast! The NAB Podcast dialogues with key leaders, scholars, and policy makers in higher education, and especially the liberal arts, exploring both the challenges we face and the opportunities for renewal and revitalization in higher education. Join James Anderson and I as we explore the bold terrain of higher education. … Read More

The COVID-19 Impact on Academia from a Contingent Faculty Perspective

Incessant coughing is bad. Coughing up blood is worse. Thanks to a serious bout of pneumonia last month, I can now attest to that. An emergency room visit notwithstanding, I doubt I will ever know for sure if the illness and my difficulty breathing were the byproducts of COVID-19. When I visited the ER at … Read More

A First Love in the Liberal Arts: A New Year’s Note from the NAB

To start my new year’s resolutions aright,  I am reflecting back on why am working with the New American Baccalaureate, seeking to empower transformational liberal arts education. The truth is that my commitment to this work does not stem from research on the value of a liberal arts education (although there is plenty of that), … Read More

Let’s Not Just Survive But Thrive

By Rob Fried Jon Marcus’ New York Times Article “Radical Survival Strategies for Struggling Colleges,”  turns out to be full of “strategies” that are far from “radical”. Non-elite colleges are losing ground for three reasons: fewer students are enrolling because of high tuition and fear of debt; most liberal arts degrees don’t provide entrepreneurial and … Read More