Duct Tape Solutions: The Problem with Problem-Solving in Higher Education

By Eli Kramer I’m here with good news, “Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s fall 2019 enrollment data shows a strong freshman class and an increase in the freshman to sophomore retention rate. Overall, total enrollment is 11,695, down 8.75 percent from fall 2018,” or so my graduate alma mater presents their current situation to me. One … Read More

A New American Baccalaureate for Diverse 21st Century Learners

by Robert L. Fried, Ed.D., and Eli Kramer, Ph. D. Surrounded and supported by inspiring friends, The New American Baccalaureate Project is joining the movement to transform undergraduate higher education.  Our eyes are on the needs of today’s youth, and also on the future of liberal education and of our democracy. We are a small … Read More