Who We Are

NAB Directors, Board Members, and National Advisors

The NAB Project has a wealth of experience in higher education history, philosophy, policy,, practice, leadership, administration, and consulting. It also draws on a board of advisors made of leaders in the world of higher education reform. The NAB recognizes the complexity of the challenges that US liberal arts education faces, and the critical need for integrated and collaborative work with key reformers and organizations. Our board and national advisory council are such reforms leaders and we have active partnerships with them, including working with their partner organizations such as the Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning, the Hada Nou Collective, the Public Works Academy, and the American Association of Colleges and Universities.

NAB Board of Directors

Jose Antonio Bowen
Senior Fellow
The American Association of Colleges and Universities
Dallas, Texas

Harry Boyte
Democracy & Civic Engagement
St Paul, MN

Roger Brooks
NAB Board Chair
Educator, Arts Council Chair
Concord, NH

Lewis Feldstein
NAB Board Secretary
Co-Chair Saguaro Seminar
Concord, NH

Gerri King
Human Development Expert
Concord, NH

Deborah Meier
School Reform & Democracy Advocate
Hillsdale, NY

Mike Rose
Advocate for Low-Income Students
Los Angeles, CA

Gary M. Shirk
NAB Board Treasurer
Bow, NH

Tony Wagner
International School Reform Advocate
Center Sandwich, NH

Timothy J. Wildman
Pastoral Counselor
Concord, NH

NAB National Advisory Council

Noah Coburn, Ph. D.
Political Anthropologist
Bennington College

Cathy Davidson, Ph. D.
Higher Ed Reform Advocate
C.U.N.Y., New York, NY

Timothy Engstrom, Ph. D.
Professor of Philosophy
R.I.T., Rochester, NY

Adam Howard, Ed. D.
Professor of Education
Colby College

Stratski Kulinski
NewU University

Nathan Schmitt
K-12 Reform Strategist
Denver, CO

Jennifer Schuberth
President, Alder College
Portland, OR

Aaron Stoller, Ph. D.
Director of Freshman Academic Programs
Colorado College, Colorado Springs CO

Leonard Waks, Ph. D.
Dewey Society President
Temple U., Philadelphia, PA

James H. Wildman, J.D.
Brooklyn, NY

Randall Wisehart, Ph. D.
Education Reform Advocate
Earlham College, Richmond, IN

NAB Personnel

Rob Fried, Ed. D., NAB Executive Director and the originator of this project is a retired Northeastern University professor and author (The Passionate Teacher, The Game of School, and The Skeptical Visionary: A Seymour Sarason Educational Reader) who in the early 1970s led a program of similar design, called Life Studies, at the University of New Hampshire. A former colleague of Ted Sizer in the Coalition of Essential Schools and lifelong advocate for educational reform at the K-12, community, and higher education levels, Fried recently headed the Upper Valley Educational Institute, a free-standing performance-based graduate school for teacher and principal certification. Send a message to Rob or call (603) 203-5812


Eli Kramer, Ph. D., NAB Director of Research, is an assistant professor of philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Wrocław. He has been a co-organizer of the John Dewey Society Democracy in Education Initiative and an Educational Consultant for the EU- Creating Responsive, Engaging and Tailored Education with Students (CREATES) Strategic Partnership. Send a message to Eli